Battery Cycler

Testing and reusing battery cells are key issues for the energy transition. Battery Associates' innovative battery cycler responds to a pressing challenge in the energy space. 

An innovative solution to battery testing

Tackling the ageing of batteries and developing certified commercial batteries aligned with sustainability goals require advanced testing equipment capable of predicting complex battery metrics. Yet, the prohibitive cost and the inadequacies of today’s battery cell test equipment constitute a barrier to the reuse of battery cells globally.

By creating an intelligent and affordable battery cycler, B.A tackles one of the most overlooked issues in the battery space: ensuring the circular recovery of battery materials by enabling the productive second-life use of batteries on a global scale. B.A’s cycler promises to prolong battery use and reduce waste across several industries like the automotive and smart device industries (e-scooter, EV, drones, etc.).

High impact battery testers

Broadening access to affordable battery cyclers and its open-source software contributes to the increased use of low-carbon batteries and increases the efficiency of battery systems globally.

B.A’s battery cyclers provide precise measurements and predictions that meet both industry and research-focused needs: Increasing battery testing capacities for a wide range of conditions and applications empowers labs and companies to gather data and increase modularity, flexibility and the overall performance of battery systems.

A multisectoral ecosystem

In addition to its hardware and software solutions, B.A is building an educational curriculum to accompany the broadening use of battery cyclers. Through a set of courses including a Battery course (TBA 2021), B.A will target public sector institutions, universities, and labs around the world to empower students and individuals around battery cell testing. B.A will meet its objectives through the following steps: 

- Sourcing and producing cost-effective cyclers
- Developing an open-source software that allows for the remote calibration of testing devices
- Offering educational course content to increase the access and use of battery testers

B.A’s target customer groups include start-ups, battery labs, universities, and eventually large OEMs and industrial customers. Three companies have expressed a willingness to purchase B.A’s cyclers, including two start-ups in the UK and a University in India.

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You can download the Battery Cycler One pager here.

Battery Cycler is an initiative by Battery Associate. Battery Associates' mission is to create a sustainable world through the power of people. Battery Associates runs multiple educational efforts including the BatteryMBA.